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Karen Langtree children's author
Karen Langtree children's author

Karen was brought up in the North-East of England and her favourite place to unwind will always be beautiful Northumberland, especially Holy Island. She has two grown up children. She began her adult life as a Primary school teacher in Hampshire but moved to York in 2001, where she lives currently with her husband. She is a follower of Jesus and tries to live her life by his teachings, which encourage us to ‘love one another.’

She is an internationally published author of eleven children’s books, with publishers and distributors in South Africa, New York and Turkey, to name a few places. She is proud of her achievements, since most of her books (except one) are published by her own company in the UK. Her best seller is Knights of the Wobbly Table which she loves performing as a wild and wacky workshop for Primary schools.  She has also written a Dystopian trilogy set in the North-East of England, called the Breaking Trilogy, which was very challenging to research and write. She has twice been best-selling author at the Wychwood Festival and has written materials for the Archbishop of York’s Trust for their work in schools.  As well as books, Karen loves writing musicals for schools including the popular nativity, Angel Small and Go Grace Darling! Her other job is piano and singing teacher, which she also loves. She is in the process of starting a community choir in her area.

Karen says, “My main aim, in all my work with children, young people and adults, is to inspire creativity, because I know how much it has added to my life and the lives of those I meet. Music and story are very important in our lives. They help us to feel things and relate to each other with understanding and compassion.”

She travels around the country doing school visits, library visits and anything else she is invited to do really!

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