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Buy the whole trilogy for £18, saving £6 altogether!

Breaking Silence by Karen Langtree

Breaking Silence

Book 1 in the thrilling dystopian Trilogy for teens and adults. 

Set in 2066 in England. Fifteen year old Si is on the run from a high security detention centre. He runs into Chas, a girl brandishing a knife and threatening to kill him. But she turns out to be the least of his worries. Can he find out why the government want to catch him and what do his parents' supposed deaths have to do with it all? Are they even dead?

RRP £7.99

Breaking Lies by Karen Langtree

Breaking Lies

Book 2 Sees Chas and Si having gone their separate ways. Chas is on a mission of revenge whilst Si wants to stop the Plague from spreading. But when it comes down to it, will Si have to make a choice between saving Chas and saving the population?

RRP £7.99

Breaking Up Angel of the North

Breaking Up

Book 3 is the culmination of the rebellion against a corrupt regime. But what has happened to Si? The rebels grow in force in the secret bunker beneath the Angel of the North.  Will Chas be able to come to terms with some shocking news? And can the rebellion succeed against Rulers who are trying to live forever.

RRP £7.99

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